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Is credit controlling your life? If your credit history is preventing you from purchasing or refinancing a home, buying a car, getting approved for a student loan, or earning a favorable finance rate, it’s time to take control of your credit and get your life back on track.

A Plus Credit is a full-service credit management and education company dedicated to promoting financial well-being by helping people restore their credit profiles, rebuild their financial positions, and rethink their approach to money.

RESTORE A Plus Credit will review and explain your current credit profile; identify problems and help you correct them; and create an action plan specific to your situation and goals.

REBUILD A Plus Credit will work with you to build a strong foundation for your financial future by developing a comprehensive budget that covers your living expenses, controls your spending, pays off your debts and increases your savings.

RETHINK A Plus Credit will help you understand the credit process and how to manage your credit use for long-term positive results, improving both your credit profile and your life.

Why Choose A Plus Credit

Many credit repair companies promote their ability to raise your credit score over a short period of time and reduce the amount you owe. In reality, there is no legitimate quick fix that simply eliminates your debt and spikes your credit score.

Some in the credit counseling business focus primarily on debt management, negotiating settlements with your creditors and setting you up on a payment schedule. This solution has potential for problems that may not be disclosed upfront. Accounts settled for less than the full balance will be noted on your on your credit report and indicate to future lenders that you are a risky customer. Rather than getting you ahead, debt settlement alone could simply continue to hold you back. In most cases, creating a detailed spending plan, prioritizing bills and developing a full understanding of your financial position is the best solution.

If your credit history is keeping you from achieving your personal goals, A Plus Credit will help you understand why and what to do about it.

A Plus Credit works with you to create solutions specific to your situation and strategies that will help you achieve your goals. We will show you what your credit profile looks like and how lenders interpret it. We will identify inaccuracies and issues and help you correct them. We will create a customized action plan designed specifically for your situation and your success.

More than just credit repair, A Plus Credit is a full-service credit management and education company that focuses on helping its clients better understand and use credit, strengthen their credit position, and maintain a solid credit profile over a lifetime.

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