About A Plus Credit

A Plus Credit is a full-service credit management and education company dedicated to promoting financial well-being by helping individuals, couples and families restore their credit profiles, rebuild their financial positions, and rethink how credit can be used with positive results. A Plus Credit is committed to increasing the overall understanding of responsible credit use and educating people how to use money wisely to ensure strong financial futures.

Founded and owned by a credit industry professional with extensive experience in lending, loan origination and financial services, A Plus Credit is your trusted partner for long-term financial success. Our socially-responsible business practices emphasize education to put you in control of your credit, rather than allowing it to control you. Our customized credit action plans address your personal needs and provide solutions to get you back on track and keep you there.

A Plus Credit is located in Johnston, Iowa, and is locally owned and operated.

The A Plus Credit Process

The A Plus Credit process is designed for your convenience. Most of our programs include one to three personal meetings. Depending on your schedule and where you are located, I can meet with you either face-to-face or over the phone during evenings and weekends. During your initial consultation, we will discuss your situation and goals, and help you determine which A Plus Credit program best fits your needs.

We understand and appreciate that your financial information is confidential. We respect your privacy and pledge to protect it. Our private offices offer a confidential environment for openly discussing your financial situation.

A Plus Credit serves clients across the state of Iowa, and is located in Johnston. To learn more about how A Plus Credit can help you, call us directly at (515) 490-4113.

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